Why Believers Worship

There is a “thin line between worship and warfare.” The closer we commune with the Godhead, something happens that the adversary simply cannot resist — the Glory. He must flee the power of Love. God is love, and as we …Continue reading →

Ancient of Days

Often it is difficult to picture the Father, although Jesus points to him for our worship [John 4:23-24] This song, however, captures the heavenly, worshipful imagery as inspired by Daniel 7:22. * * * Ancient of Days - Lyrics Blessing and …Continue reading →

Above All

Remembering what it was and who it was that made us Christians brings us to a place of gratitude and worship in a deep place of our souls. * * * Above All – Lyrics Above all powers Above all …Continue reading →

Alpha and Omega

As believers, we are commissioned to go to the nations and make disciples. And when we do that, we discover spiritual treasure. That is the basis of this worship song from Zimbabwe, shared by Israel Houghton. * * * Alpha and Omega You are …Continue reading →

Video: All Honor, All Glory, All Power


Glory Questing is grows a deeper relationship with the Godhead. So this post marks the beginning of curated videos to spark that growth through the worship experience. Many of the videos feature lyrics within them, but we will also provide the text for you to copy and use offsite. Most …Continue reading →

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